KLAVUU is a combined Swedish word of ‘Klar’ and ‘Vuu’. The word Klar means ‘clear’, representing our philosophy of providing you a clear product and ‘Vuu’ means ‘view’. Together, the words represent our concept of delivering you a clear and clean philosophy.

‘O’ typography symbolizes the trust you can have in us as a professional beauty care brand.

Pearl is the only jewel that forms in a live organism.
It goes well with every place and anyone. It holds its own distinctive beauty and purity of nature.
If you aspire to treat your skin with such precious beauty, KLAVUU can become your own beauty secret.

Jewel that forms with the power of life of the ocean

Korean top grade pearls from uncontaminated areas of the ocean KLAVUU is a marine pearl cosmetic brand that enhances your skin with its infinite mysterious oceanic energy.